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Allusion blinds create a number of different privacy options for you to discover. FULL VIEW: Slide the soft fabric vanes to one side to enjoy a clear outside view.   DAYTIME VIEW WITH PRIVACY: Open up the soft fabric vanes to the open position and enjoy subtle light diffusion with a view.   TOTAL PRIVACY: [...]

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Allusion’s unique patented weave offers the ultimate in shading flexibility and privacy along with modern, clean lines and stunning fabrics. Cleverly combining the delicacy of a voile fabric with the versatility of rotating vertical louvres, Allusion looks sensational and offers a number of light and privacy options. With the fabric vanes open during the day [...]

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If you’re looking to create an instant impact in your home with something a little different then Allusion Blinds would be the perfect choice. Suitable for all window types, Allusion blinds really come into their own in larger windows and bi-folding doors where their unique flowing fabric vanes allow you to enjoy both light and [...]

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Deciding Between Wood And Plaswood Blinds

A major difficulty which comes in the way of selecting the right blinds for your home comes in choosing between wood and plaswood blinds, as both give out similar vibes with similar features. However, it is important to understand some key distinctions. This section hopes to answer all your queries related to them. Here we [...]

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To Go Cordless, Or Not To Go Cordless

Modern blinds and shades are a major requirement for any home these days. They are no longer a necessity but essential window dressing ideas for a variety of reasons. They protect us against heat, dust, rain, cold, harsh sunlight and ultraviolet glare. Different blinds offer different advantages, and there are aplenty in the market to [...]

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Why Choose Custom Roman Shades For My Home?

Roman shades are the perfect choice for many rooms and styles. Here’s why: In a word; STYLE! You can choose from a wide range of designer Roman Shade fabrics and patterns to match your home decor exactly. They bring functionality to the beauty of drapes. Roman shades are easy to hang and operate, making them [...]

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Blinds For Me: Privacy

Blinds for Privacy. Plaswood-Venetian-Blinds Is your biggest concern privacy in your home when considering various window treatments? Most blinds and shutters give will give you sufficient privacy when closed, but there are several options that enhance privacy as well. Many wood blinds offer a no-holes or routeless option, as well as ladder tapes [...]

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