Blinds for Light Control.

Controlling the way light comes into your rooms is a key function for your custom window treatments. If this is important to you, here are some considerations that you might find useful:


If you need to block light from entering a media room, nursery or any room with specialized function, Venetians are very well suited for either blocking light completely, or for partially blocking light while maintaining privacy.

Solar shades are perfect for protection of furniture from harsh sunlight as they keep out UV rays and glare, but are partially transparent allowing you to still have an outside view. It is important, however, to note that these do not provide privacy at night. To beat this, you may add a layer of draperies that can be closed at night.

Wood, venetian blinds and shutters have slats that can be rotated either horizontally or vertically as sunlight direction changes, allowing natural light in but blocking direct sunlight.

Be sure to ask our consultants about light control with the product you intend to use to make sure that you will be satisfied after installation.