Blinds for Privacy.


Is your biggest concern privacy in your home when considering various window treatments? Most blinds and shutters give will give you sufficient privacy when closed, but there are several
options that enhance privacy as well. Many wood blinds offer a no-holes or routeless option, as well as ladder tapes that cover the route holes. The latter offers privacy and adds a bit of colour to your window coverings. The slats on blinds can be tilted, offering privacy while still allowing natural light into the room.

The top-down / bottom-up operating method which is available on many of our shades, makes it possible to maintain privacy below while allowing light in from above. This means you can still enjoy a view while keeping those outside from seeing into the room.

Block-out liners are an option available with some curtains to increase privacy or help darken the room if need be.

It is a good idea to ask us to see samples of the materials you intend to order to make sure that you are happy with the privacy that the product will provide.