A major difficulty which comes in the way of selecting the right blinds for your home comes in choosing between wood and plaswood blinds, as both give out similar vibes with similar features. However, it is important to understand some key distinctions. This section hopes to answer all your queries related to them. Here we discuss the basic differences between them by picking out their features and advantages one by one.


Custom Plaswood Blinds (IMAGE)

As the name suggests, these blinds are a replica of wood blinds, a kind of imitation that might look very similar to wood blinds. So it might be a tough choice deciding which one is the “original” just on the basis of their looks.

Both plaswood and wood blinds are comprised of slats, but the former is made entirely of PVC, vinyl or a composite wood material. In some cases, they may have a wooden core but are then coated with a polymer to give them the natural look. These materials are highly durable and stain resistant and are the preferred choice for homes that experience high humidity in coastal areas or places which get a substantial amount of rainfall each year. Custom plaswood blinds are good options to be mounted in a kitchen or a bathroom where water droplets may form on their surface. While moisture may damage other blinds, plaswood blinds are constructed to withstand its effect. They are also sturdy options in houses where they may be within reach of children or pets.

They are easy to clean and maintain, as you do not have to worry about damaging or cracking a real piece of wood. Any cleaning method, be it dusting or scrubbing with a damp cloth may come in handy when taking care of them. They are simple and uncomplicated in design and are hence much more inexpensive options to go for as compared to real wood blinds. Because of these features, they are one of the most popular window treatments available in the market.


Here are some advantages and disadvantages of plaswood blinds:


1) They resemble real wood; hence, they add to the charm and upgrade the luxurious appeal of the house.

2) Because of high-quality PVC and composite wood material, they are highly durable.

3) They are safe choices in houses with children or pets.

4) They can combat extreme temperatures and keep the house cozy and comfortable.

5) They are inexpensive and budget-friendly.



1) They do not come in varied color choices as compared to real wood blinds.

2) They are not really recommended for large windows because of their weight. They are heavier than real wood.


Plaswood is a technological breakthrough that combines plastic and wood into a composite material, creating a natural feel to your environment. Plaswood blinds look identical to real wood blinds and have the additional benefit of being fully washable and unaffected by humidity. Because plaswood blinds are impervious to moisture and humidity they are ideal for the wood-like look in bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms and coastal areas. With plaswood blinds you get the look of luxurious real wood at a fraction of the price. Because Plaswood blinds are synthetic they are easy to clean and durable, plus they do not warp, crack, or split.

Compared to wood it has higher tolerance to moisture and humidity and is perfectly suited to bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms and coastal areas. Our plaswood blinds are a type of venetian blinds that are available in a wide range of colours and textures. Plaswood blinds are available with 50mm slats which suit the window size and are the perfect addition to any home or office.



Real Wood Blinds 

Providing an irresistible appearance of majesty and inimitable charm, wood blinds are the prime choice to go for people who love modish, upscale living. They add to the luxurious appeal of large and stylish interiors. People prefer them for their refined and outstanding quality which is difficult to replicate. Real wood blinds are environmentally friendly and unique besides providing excellent protection from extreme heat. Their texture is beautiful and unique, and they are made mostly from North American which requires the utmost care and attention to ensure their longevity.

Because of their thicker and hard texture, they provide necessary privacy to your home against peeping Toms or passers-by. They let you relax in peace without being perturbed by outside sounds and disturbances. They are also lightweight and can be mounted on any kind of windows, especially large windows in living rooms. However, you might consider looking for other options for bathrooms and kitchens, as they are susceptible to damage in high-moisture areas.


Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of real wood blinds.


1) They provide a luxurious feel to any house. They are elegant and rich in texture.

2) As they are lightweight in design and feel, they can be easily mounted on large and wide windows.

3) They come in a large variety of designs and colors.



1) They are not as durable as plaswood blinds.

2) They need constant care and maintenance to ensure they last longer.

3) They are more expensive than plaswood blinds.


*Extra Information

We only use BASSWOOD which is the premium wood for use in wood blind manufacture. We also use ONLY aluminium in their Head and Bottom rails for improved quality of our wooden Venetian blinds. This eliminates the corrosive effect from a normal & coastal climate and hence, increases their lifespan. The 100% real wood slats of our venetian blinds are made from quality timber to ensure longevity. These blinds are rigid and able to withstand contact with cleaning chemicals due to the glossy finish.

Wooden venetian blinds offer classic, timeless style for any home. Our wooden venetian blinds collection includes six natural wood tones these include: natural, golden oak, maple, cherry, charcoal and mahogany. You can personalise your venetian blinds by choosing 50mm slats which suit the any window size and effectively controls the amount of light. Our blinds cater for all tastes from rich, darker shades of more traditional and dramatic décor to the modern, lighter colours that compliment contemporary wooden floors and furniture. The various options give you complete control over your made to measure wooden venetian blinds.

Wood venetian blinds are also available in the “Classic” range, giving you the choice of our quality basswood blinds at even more affordable price.


If you’d like the help of our consultants in deciding whether to go with real wood or plaswood, feel free to call +264 61 30 20 30; email info@www.colorblinds.com.na or drop us a message on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/colorblindsgroup