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Indoor Shutters

Security Shutters


Shutters are ideal for light, wind and ventilation control. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, they will also increase the value.


Shutters go under many names (California, Mediterranean and Lifestyle). They offer a classy solution to sun control and add value to any home.

  • Full adjustable slats are available in 63 and 89mm widths.
  • A variety of materials and colours are available.
  • A full range of configurations are available.
  • Special shapes such as arches can be catered for.
  • Our consultants are fully trained to suggest the best solution for your application.
  • The product carries the full Windovert guarantee.
  • Can be motorised


Hurricane shutters are made of aluminium and fully rust proof components (plastic and stainless steel). They can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Superbly manufactured by Taylor Blinds we are proud to offer you this top of the range product.


ShutterGuard offers a crime barrier that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Made of rust proof aluminium and stainless steel components, ShutterGuard allows you to have control over the sun, the amount of light coming into an area and is an effective wind and crime barrier. There is a 6 cm bolt for fixing into the floor as well as louvre locking pin that ensures the louvres cannot be opened from outside.

ShutterGuard is the very latest and most fashionable crime barrier in South Africa! This product also comes as a Hurricane shutter. In this model, the shutter has all the features of the Shutterguard without the additional security features.

While performing exactly the same function as a shutter, the Shutterguard product acts a substantial security barrier.

  • Full adjustable slats are available in 89mm widths only.
  • Made of rust proof materials it can be installed both internally and externally.
  • A full range of configurations are available.
  • There are a limited range of colours on offer.
  • Special colours can be supplied with minimum quantities required.
  • Superbly manufactured by Taylor Blinds we are proud to offer you this product.


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