Window Treatment Series 1:

Colorblinds Namibia

Window protection or window treatment methods such as blinds, shades, valances, and curtains are used for a variety of purposes. They not only add color and design to your living space but also protect it against disruptive weather conditions that may have a negative impact on your home. If your windows are not protected, your house might heat up during summer or become extremely cold during winter.

In the market, there are many window decorating ideas for summer such as curtains, roller blinds, Roman blinds, shutters, draperies and so on. Room darkening shades help in keeping the temperature inside neutral to enjoy a comfortable and cozy home. They also help in keeping out sunlight and thus help in reducing glare which can be harmful while reading or watching television.

Then there are shades which help in protection against ultraviolet radiation as well as those which help retain the warmth in homes during winters. Follow this series as we explore various decorating ideas to maximise comfort in your home or email for more information.